• Join the Fun!

    Join the Fun!

    Explore the power and friendship that
    Girl Scouts has to offer!
    Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts welcomes
    all girls in grades K-12.

    There are many options available to girls who are interested in scouting.

    Girls may choose to participate in one or more of the following Pathways:

    If you would like to join Billerica Girl Scouts

    Hundred Years Suggestion Survey

    Hundred Years in Celebration of Scouting

    Soon Girl Scouts will enter its hundredth year

    And Billerica Girl Scouts wants to


    We need your help to think of great ideas.

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    Billerica Girl Scouts will honor this

    Prestigious year!

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    of Eastern Massachusetts' Suggestion list.

    serving their community

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    Congratulations service team

    Congratulations to our service team for winning the Presidential award!




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  • Experience Billerica Scouts

    Billerica Scouts filmed, starred in, and edited this video about Scouting in Billerica. Girls from Troop 60107 bring you interviews with Billerica Scouts from each age level as well as college students Allison Rugg and Kim Moore who talked about their experience of being a Billerica Scout from kindergarten through senior year in high school. Get a look at camp and listen to a scout who moved to India but still stays in touch with her American troop.

    Click here to download and view the video. Video is 106MB in size.

    Leader Update

    New Volunteer Essentials and Safety Activity Checkpoints

    GSUSA has updated and changed the Safety-Wise book to a new format. Effective immediately, Safety-Wise is no longer valid and should no longer be used. All safety information is now contained in an electronic document called Volunteer Essentials and the Safety Activity Checkpoints. These two new resources are used together and contain the most up-to-date information from Girl Scouts, making it easy to plan activities and trips with girls. When planning activities, volunteers will consult Volunteer Essentials and then find the pertinent Safety Activity Checkpoint (hiking, archery, hayrides, etc.) and follow those guidelines. The Safety Activity Checkpoints can be found as downloadable subject files (2-4 pages each, PDF) on our website in the Resource Library and Forms

    Volunteer Essentials is the new guide to Girl Scouting for volunteers working with girls. It is full of information including how to get started, holding a parent/guardian meeting, travel guidelines, safety information, group finances, cookie information, and much more. This is a large document and does not need to be printed, but rather can be used as a living resource. The document will be updated each year

    Also, new Volunteer Emergency Procedures - Print this out and keep with your First Aid kit. This includes important information about how to handle emergencies.

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